Cartoon Shows

The evenings would most likely begin with Scooby Doo, the talking dog whose gang solves mysteries of ghosts and ghouls. Then there was the all-time favourite, Tom and Jerry. The cat-chase-mouse-escape story used to keep everyone on their toes. Soon, a new breed (literally!) of cartoons started to emerge with Pokémon hitting Indian screens. Ash and Pikachu stole our hearts with their charm and cuteness Cartoon Shows .

1.Roll No.21

Cartoon Shows

Is aired on Cartoon Network. This is largely the modern-day version of lord Krishna and his strong uncle King Kansa. The names had been modified as nicely. Krishna becomes Kris, and Kansa will become Kanshik. Kris is a pupil, and Kanshik is the important of the faculty.

2.Motu Patlu

As it seems from the names, Motu is a fat meals freak, and Patlu is skinny enough. Motu’s biggest weak spot is for the oily ingredients. The display offers all those quirky and thrilling situations each these characters encounter, and those end up one of the best sources of amusement for youngsters.

3.Oggy and the cockroaches

This is Another famous Cartoon show amongst kids which aired on caricature Network. There are many films are also made of this cartoon display. It is Popular internationally but I in my view additionally like to watch this display once in a while Because in This display Hindi voice of Oggy is Like Famous Bollywood big name Shahrukh Khan and Oggy’s Brother’s Voice is Like Sunny Deol . All the Cockroaches voices are like Mumbai Tapori Language . I noticed many youngsters to talk their talk like “Mar gaya re Baaa” “Meri to Band Baj gai” “MAst He re Baba” Entertain me.


This is one of the maximum reknown and famous hindi cool animated film. Do you recollect the music CHADI PEHEN KE PHOOL KHILA HAI. The adventure of Mowgly, his buddies, sher khan and all that jungle lifestyles was just so outstanding to watch in our childhood. In the ones days children used to wait complete day for this super hindi cartoon. These days plenty of new films have come on this tale. If we communicate about hindi cartoons list we are able to never neglect MOWGLY.

5.Pakdam Pakdai

Cartoon Shows

Adorable and exciting canine “Doggy Don” is one of the favourite cool animated film characters for Indian children. The show is about the chase among Doggy Don and Chotu, Lambu and Motu. The later 3 are mice. Don’s nonsense sports are just too addictive for the children.


The one of the fastest famous lively series belonging to hindi cartoons turned into this most effective. It used to come back on CARTOON NETWORK and it advantage quite a few reputation after launch. It turned into based totally on the life and times of Tenali Raman. He can be visible in INDIAN FOLK TALES and stories. He changed into famous for his humour and wit and his trouble solving potential as nicely. For the young audience it became a very good supply of leisure and moral and life training.


Again based on Indian mythology , it was an lively series of stories of adventures of Lord krishna and his brother BALRAMA. It showed the teaching testimonies of krishna and presents some enjoyment to the younger viewers. It used to come back on CARTOON NETWORK and changed into seen on a massive scale. Every story used to depict some mythology scene and characters as nicely.

8.Chota Bheem

Green Gold Production’s Chota Bheem is one of the maximum prefer among children. It comes on PoGO TV in India. Bheem’s activities while he was a child carry sufficient glad factors for the little stars. The different characters like Chutki, Raju also are quite famous among youngsters.

9.Ninja Hattori-kun

Cartoon Shows

Created with the aid of Motoo Abiko, the show has grabbed all possible achievement. It’s not restricted within TV show; there’s animation series, video game, and film also available based totally in this. This is one of the most popular tv suggests in most of the Asian international locations. It is made over as an animation collection as a mutual attempt through India and Japan.


Never even think of the far flung whilst Doraemon is being aire; children will simply damage you. The Japanese collection has been script and describe with the aid of Fujiko Fujio. There is an terrific animation series available for it as properly. Needless is to introduce the very famous robot Doraemon that could make time travel, to help Nobita.

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