Top 10 Best Beers Brands To Drink In India

If there is one issue we ought to be thanking the British for, it must be for introducing beer in India. Whether Benjamin Franklin said it or now not, beer is certainly a proof that God loves us and desires us to be glad. Try deliberating anything extra pleasurable than a nice tall glass of a exquisite frothy brew on a hot sizzling sunny day, paired with pizza on the side and a wonderful flick on Netflix. We bet you can’t. So after comprehensive studies, we’ve curated a listing of satisfactory beers to be had in India for the beer snob in you

1 .Kingfisher:

This widely available nicely-acknowledged beer logo is surely the “king of correct instances.” Manufactured via United Breweries Group – led with the aid of the infamous Vijay Mallya, that is an clean-going lager. The flavor first of all is sour for the flavor buds which lingers pleasantly high on the palate. An underlying malty sweetness then enhances this. The refreshing light flavor is probably why Kingfisher is maximum loved among the beer fans and main the % despite several proficient competition. The beer goes down well alone however when coupled with salty peanuts, its a match made in heaven.

Variants: Kingfisher Strong (eight% alcohol), Kingfisher Premium (4.8% alcohol), Kingfisher Blue (8% alcohol), Kingfisher Ultra (the newest edition with five% alcohol).

2 .Tuborg:

If strong beers make you sense tipsy very quickly, then Tuborg need to be your choice. With an alcohol percentage of handiest 4.8%, Tuborg is a bottom-fermented lager beer. Brewing it on lager malt effects in its famous slight, sparkling taste with the aroma of flowers. This medium rich and energetic drink has a mild bitterness inside the aftertaste. It tastes outstanding when gulped down with mild meals which include salads and spicy Asian dishes and is ideal for any event, be it a dinner party, live performance or everywhere with your loved ones. In India, Tuborg stands at number 2 among all manufacturers and number one in terms of worldwide manufacturers.

Variants: Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Classic With Scotch Malts (in particular brewed for the Indian palate).

3 .Carlsberg:

Carlsberg is but any other light-tasting beer. A rejuvenating and uniquely characterful Pilsener with a malty backbone and balanced bitterness and “possibly the best beer in the international.” This light yellow lager leaves a moderate, hoppy bitterness to your tongue. The superior exceptional European Barley offers Carlsberg a unique wealthy taste, making the drinking experience smoother for people who admire the precise flavour and kind of top class beers. It could be interesting with the intention to know that Carlsberg merged with Tuborg breweries in 1970, making Tuborg part of the Carlsberg brews.

Variants: Carlsberg Elephant (complete bodied and full flavoured), Carlsberg Smooth.

4 .Heineken:

Unlike other beers, Heineken brews its beers in horizontal tanks for a extra awesome flavour and consistency. The worlds maximum international beer, Heineken comes straight from Holland and into your coronary heart. It is slightly stronger than other heavily produced lager beverages and possibly a wee bit higher than others. Try the beer for yourself, and you’ll make out that this beer is greater flavourful. Why? While beers are usually brewed for a fortnight, Heineken brews their beers for double the time – nearly a month – Resulting in a full-flavour beer.

Variants: Heineken Premium Beer, Heneiken Draught.

5 .Corona:

Are you among folks who can not stand a beer’s sour flavor? Corona is only for you. Corona has been brewed in Mexico on account that 1925. With a fresh, smooth taste, Corona is a fair-keeled ‘cerveza’ with fruity-honey aromas and a touch of malt. The flavour is crisp and properly balanced between hops and malt. Although this drink is not favoured by severe drinkers, it is widely selected by using those who’re ill of the mainstream beer taste – Bitter! The handiest disadvantage of this brewski is that it’s now not a cheap one. Corona comes beneath the top class beers priced around INR 250 in maximum states. The price hikes up to INR 500-600 in clubs and bars. Corona is a beer you must strive once earlier than loss of life. Pair it with highly spiced and citrus-infused dishes for first-rate flavour

Variants: Corona Extra (three.6% alcohol), Corona Light.

6 .Foster’s:

A favorite drink amongst the Aussies, Fosters is likewise loved in India. In the brewing manner, hops are added at a later stage to maintain freshness. This gives Fosters the crisp and strong taste and is to be had only in  editions. Foster’s Lager, that’s a golden coloured beer with a sturdy malty aroma and Foster’s Premium, that is a copper colored drink. It has a nicely balanced maltiness accented via wealthy caramel notes. If robust and sour beers are your component, you then have to cross for Fosters.


7 .Haywards 5000:

Haywards 5000 is a excessive promoting beer brand in India with over 10 million gadgets sold yearly. The business enterprise commenced its sale in 1983. The beer is brewed with high-quality malt and is widely recognized for its smooth, but the favourably robust taste is With an alcohol percentage of over 7%, the beer quenches exceedingly high thirsts of Indian clients.

8 .Royal Challenge:


Royal Challenge’s tagline, ‘Brewed Stronger Brewed Better’ really states that their beer is brewed for an extended time than the others, which renders it an additional flavour. Royal Challenge is famous inside the north, normally in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. This slight beer has a crisp taste and a vibrant flavour. Prepared the use of the best six malt barley, Royal Challenge is for people with advanced taste options.

9 .Kings:

Goa isn’t always entire without Kings. Goa’s Kings are certainly the kings inside the beach city and feature started shifting across the state. Made from the greatest maize flakes and hops, this drink is quality loved on the beachside. Each sip guarantees the correct combination of flavor and eternal memories. Their beers are patiently backside fermented at low temperatures for a crisp flavour.

Variants: Kings Pilsner, Kings Strong, Kings Maxx.

10 .Daredevil:

Like its call, Daredevil is a lager for people who dare to drink sturdy beers. This Indian brewski is one of the most powerful and most bitter obtainable. It has a heat gold coloration with a crystalline component, and Its base notes replicate the fruity flavours. The sturdy taste is regular with the company’s rich tradition and the attitude of ‘dare to win.

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