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Top Ten Gadgets with Superpowers |Superpower full Gadgets

Introduction to Gadgets with Superpowers,

I know that i am not the only one who dreams of being a superhero. Everyone wants to have  super natural powers and be a strongest person on planet like Superman. As recent technology advancement your dreams can be fulfilled too. Many companies are busy with making Gadgets with Superpowers or Gadgets that will give you Superpower. So, top10ultra brings you the list of some of the gadgets that will make you powerful.

No. 1. Kuratas Human-Ride Robot

Gadgets with Superpowers

Kuratas is a human ride-able robot. You can just sit in it and operate the whole robot with the controls in it. It is the next generation suit for defense or military purpose. This suit is fat version of iron man suit. Its height is 12 foot tall and it moves at a speed of 6 miles per hour. You buy this on amazon japan at 1.3 million dollars. kuratas is really a Gadgets with Superpowers.

No. 2. Pyro Fireshooter

Gadgets with Superpowers

Pyro fireshooter is a gadget you can use for shooting fireballs out of your hand. This Gadgets with Superpowers will cost you around 174. Then you will be charged to shoot fire balls from your hands. You can shoot 4 fire balls at a time. After that you have to charge it. This gadget can be operated by remote on another hand. But better you go with water in another hand than the remote.

No. 3. Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit

Gadgets with Superpowers

Your office suit can be your armor. Instead of heavy Kevlar, Garrison uses lighter carbon nano tubes to make fabric bulletproof. These suits can cost you around 20000$ and more. So if you are worried about your live and security you can wear it anytime anywhere. Despite being hard its very flexible and light too.

No. 4. Seek Thermal XR Camera

Gadgets with Superpowers

If you have fear of darkness then this seek thermal XR camera can be your bait. Even under the pitch black conditions this camera can detect heat signature upto 2000 feet. Isn’t it interesting. You have to connect this camera with your iphone. You can buy this at 299$ and you Iphone is all set with thermal vision.

No. 5. Cyberdyne Hal suit for Hulk strength

Gadgets with Superpowers

The robot exoskeleton is a wearable mechanism that reads neurological impulses and make the suit function. this suit can be used to pic up heavy weight.Machine like this can be useful for many jobs. The whole suit is operated by mind. Although it weighs 130 pounds it walks with you.

No. 6. Jetpack

Gadgets with Superpowers

A man name yves rossy have made a working jetpack. Which is identical as you see in the movies. This jetpack is packed up with the jet engines. But its not good for the far distance travel as it have low fuel efficiency. But can surely visit some local store with it. This thing can reach upto 160 mph.

No. 7. Jetblades

Gadgets with Superpowers

You might heard or seen one of those types of gadgets that make you fly above the water. It will cost you around 5,995 $ to buy it. This gadget uses water to power your journey but handling this gadget will require lot of practice.

No. 8. Brain cap

Gadgets with Superpowers

Want to move things using your mind than this gadget is for you. A circle brain cap invented by researchers of university of marryland. This gadget uses your brain waves to control the computer or other network system.

No. 9. T.A.L.O.S. suitGadgets with Superpowers

Want to become next iron man then all you need is Talos suit. TALOS stands for tactical assault light operator suit. Its like a super hero armor. Its bulletproof strong and if a solider wearing this suit punches then suit will amplifies the energy. This is just more than suit. But its not available for the common people. This suit increases your mobility and strength. its really a Gadgets with Superpowers.

No. 10. Invisibility cloak

Gadgets with Superpowers

This piece of cloak can make you invisible. Yes really invisible. This kind of technology is developed by the military to get invisible. This clothes use light bending technology which make any thing invisible.

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