Top 10 Expensive Houses in India

Once celebrities benefit repute and money, most of their first investments are toward their homes. Here is a list of the costliestest homes in India.


Antila in Mumbai is one of the most luxurious homes in India. It stands tall as it belongs to the richest person in India. Yes! It is none apart from Mukesh Ambani. Antila covers an area of greater than four lacs square toes. It is a landmark and those from all over the united states comes to visit it. However, the price of the Antila is almost Rs. 10,000 crores. Certainly, it has 27 tales with nearly every facility.

2.NCPA Apartments

If you need to recognise about the most steeply-priced residences in India, then it’s far none other than the NCPA Apartments in Mumbai. In the luxurious vicinity of Nariman Point, Mumbai, those residences stand tall. It is surely a flat that value big. However, if you need to purchase a four bedroom flat, then it’ll cost you approx. Rs. 29 crore. Well, to own the luxurious apartment you want to have a massive coins wallet in your financial institution.

3.Anil Ambani’s Abode

We are actually going to talk approximately yet another very lovely house that’s none aside from the Abode placed in the top region of Mumbai. The proprietor of this house is none other than the younger brother of the Business Tycoon Mukesh Ambani, sure we are speaking about Anil Ambani.  The real cost of Abode, Mumbai is near toRs. 5000 Crores or maybe extra. Well, it also has almost the whole thing that you have been searching out and looking after it. Certainly, it is just probably on the top.


Mannat, the stunning residence of Bollywood remarkable big name, is taken into consideration as one of the most high-priced homes inside the usa. The house lives up to the recognition of the awesome big name. It is placed in the Bandra locality of Mumbai and is valued at Rs a hundred twenty five-one hundred fifty crore. Top 10 Houses in India India most high priced homes shahrukh khan residence.

5.Ratan Tata’s Bungalow

10 Most Expensive Houses Featuring next at the listing of pinnacle 10 maximum luxurious homes in India in 2015 is the outstanding bungalow of industrialist Ratan Tata, which is worth Rs one hundred twenty five-one hundred fifty crore. The 3 storied palatial house covers a place of 15000 sq.Ft and has some high-quality amenities. Mukesh ambani residence, Most Expensive Houses in India 2018, Luxurious Houses in India.

6.JK House

JK House, Mumbai is some other name inside the listing of the valuable Residential Locations. The Raymond Man Gautam Singhania is the proprietor of the JK House at Breach Kandy, Mumbai. Certainly with, so many luxuries and exquisite things, it’s far one of the exceptional houses placed inside the town itself. Apart from being a luxury domestic, the constructing has a number of the amazing centers which also include a health facility, a museum in addition to a Helipad. More than 30 floors are right here out of which 6 are for parking.

7.White House in the Sky

The Liquor rich person of India, Dr, Vijay Mallya very own one of the fine homes in the us of a as properly. The White House in the Sky, UB City Bengaluru is within the listing of the high priced homes in India. Vijay Mallya owns Kingfisher and additionally UB Group and also a fascinating residence in Bengaluru. Now, the charge of the luxurious residence with more than Rs. 100 cr. could clearly come up with Goosebumps at any time. You would love to visit the house at the least as soon as.

8.Naveen Jindal’s Home in Delhi

Next on this list is the lovely hose of baby-kisser-industrialist Naveen Jindal, which lies within the Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone in Delhi, one of the most expensive localities in the town. This residence is worth Rs 125-150 crore.

9. Rana Kapoor Residence     

Rana Kapoor, the CEO of Yes Bank has these days acquired an opulent house placed at Tony Altamount Road in Mumbai. This building, which was owned by means of Citi Group, turned into recently obtained by Kapoor, through paying a huge sum of Rs 120 crore.

10.Ravi Ruia Residence

One of the maximum pricey houses in India is truely the Ravi Ruia Residence, Delhi. No owner it took them so many years of difficult paintings and willpower to construct this excellent constructing at any cost. The brothers Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia own this first-rate house at a price of almost Rs. One hundred twenty Crore. , the residence additionally comes up with some of the great wonders of the town. The well-known place of Tees January Marg in New Delhi is the prime area for this house.

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