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Introduction to Top 10 tips to get slim,

Its not good for health being fat and for your personality too. When i was 12 years old I was fat too. My weight was one of my biggest problem’s so i worked with some of the secrets to get slim that I am going to share with you guys, which turned me into a smart looking fit  guy, improved my personality and also increased my confidence. Following is the list to Top 10 tips to get slim.

No. 1. Walking/Jogging

Top 10 tips to get slim

When it comes to getting slim you all know walking is one of the best exercise you can do.

Its highly suggested that you should walk or jog atleast 5KM daily to boost up your metabolism and will make you look slimer within days. Walking or jogging daily will also make you feel light and more attentive  in your work throughout the day

So have your shoes on and its time for some jogging.

No. 2. Change Eating Habit

Top 10 tips to get slim

Eating tasty food might be one of the best part of your daily routine,Here i won’t stop you from eating any kind of food because all this tips will make your digestive system stronger that can help you digesting any kind of food you eat.But, here is some little twist,

Rather than eating all your food at-once you should eat it giving some break like eat little then give break of 30 min then eat little then give break of 30 mins.Having a bunch of food in your stomach makes you feel lazy therefore this kind of process help stomach to digest food and your stomach wont even demand for more heat energy as only little food is to be digested making you feel more active than usual.

But this doesn’t meant you eat all day :-p.

No. 3. Water before your lunch or dinner

Top 10 tips to get slim


You should drink water every day before 1 hr of your lunch or dinner it will help you to easily diigest your food.

No. 4. Salad

Top 10 tips to get slim

Eating of salad will help your digestive enzymes to digest food very easily and also help you with proper nutrition to make your body looking younger and healthy and also boost up your immune system. Salad is also a good supporting item with your food and a curd with it will be very good thing, but curd should only be taken during lunch avoid while eating dinner.

No. 5. Warm Water

Top 10 tips to get slim

Drinking warm water all day will remove colestrol from your body and will glow your skin and it also removes fat from your body its very helpful techniques.

No. 6. Yoga

Top 10 tips to get slim


“The unwinding methods joined in yoga can diminish interminable agony, for example, bring down back torment, joint inflammation, cerebral pains and carpal passage disorder,” clarifies Dr. Nevins. “Yoga can likewise bring down pulse and lessen a sleeping disorder.”

Other physical advantages of yoga include:

Expanded adaptability

Expanded muscle quality and tone

Enhanced breath, vitality and imperativeness

Keeping up an adjusted digestion

Weight lessening

Cardio and circulatory wellbeing

Enhanced athletic execution

Assurance from damage

No. 7. Lemonade with warm water

Top 10 tips to get slim

drinking lemonade with warm water will increase your capability to digest things and also makes you feel lighter all day and makes you feel good throughout the day.

No. 8. Wander after dinner

Top 10 tips to get slim

Walking at night after the dinner is one of the best thing but not too fast just wander for some 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient but you should not also go for walking just after the dinner sit for 5 minutes the you can go for the walking.

No. 9. Exercise/Sports

Top 10 tips to get slim

When its on getting slim sports and exercise is one of the best thing to work with, I suggest you basketball as a sports to get slim it one of my favourite choice as i myself play basketball and it also helped me with getting slim.Hitting gym will also make you slim by the way its also highly recommended

No. 10. No to high cholesterol food

Top 10 tips to get slim

Its a strict no to the high cholesterol food on a regular basis but occasionally its an OK food you know you can’t be you being you. cholesterol is also bad for health. Its not recommended.

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