Top 10 places visit nearest to Gondia district

Are you Planning Gondia trip?

So we will show you Gondia 10 Famous Place, So let’s see what is going on Gondia.

Welcome to Gondia

When it involves sights in Gondia, there are rarely any true alternatives. But you may find many places to go to around the city like wildlife reserves, dams, temples, caves and lakes that regularly stay thronged with nature enthusiasts who needs to slip into serenity. It is famous for birsi Airport.  The ideal places to visit for households and couples, most of these attractions have something interesting activities, see and enjoy.


Gondia is especially fond of Navratri. Durga is kept here in place and worshiped till his nine dayPeople here are very proud of Navratri.The people here keep Dandiya’s pomagra  the nine day, they also keep food for the nine day in the temples, and here some celebrities come in Navratri.


Also even Ganapati celebrates for a total of 10 days.Gondiya people live in all castes.And these people celebrate all festivals with pride.

1.Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular visitor locations, regarded for its biodiversity conservation. The sanctuary is home to diverse plant life and serves as a ‘Green lung’ that allows you to preserve the equilibrium within the environment.

nagzhiea tiger

The sanctuary has 36 species of mammals and 14 out of those are endangered. There are round 49 species on my own of butterfly along with not unusual mormon, common Indian crow, lime butterfly and black rajah.


There are round 166 species of birds present in the sanctuary. An endangered bird named, ‘peafowl’ also can be noticed in this natural world sanctuary. The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary presents habitat to fishes, amphibians and reptiles.

2.Hazara Falls


Hazara Falls, in Salekasa tehsil is a prime visitor enchantment throughout the wet season. It is placed 1 km from Darekasa Railway Station and visitors can experience the sight of herbal vegetation. The location is likewise ideal for camping in addition to trekking sports

3.Pangdi lake, Pangdi Dam and Reservoir


It is the maximum stylish area near Gondia city.It is just 11 km far from Gondia metropolis.Its a traveller location.There is historic Devi temple on hill top and a Shiv temple.Lake is so beautiful to bath.It has notable scenic beauty…Information on Dam & Reservoir.Pangadi Dam constructed as a part of an irrigation project in 1917 on a nearby nallah close to Goindia in Maharashtra .

4.Suryadeo Mando Devi Temples

mando devi

Suryadeo and Mando Devi Temples are located inside the Goregaon tehsil. The Suryadeo Temple meaning the Sun God is positioned on hillock. The Mando Devi Temple is associated with the reincarnation of the Goddess and is thronged by worshippers for the duration of navratri.

5.Navegaon National Park


The Nawegaon National Park is situated in Nawegaon, that’s in close proximity to Gondia. It is famous for housing severa forms of flowers, fauna and vegetations. The park is spread across an area of one hundred thirty five squarekm and consists of a stunning lake, referred to as the Nawegaon Lake. The lake bureaucracy a wetland in Vidarbha region that is popular amongst travelers for hiking.


The park has around 209 species of birds, 26 species of mammals and nine species of reptiles. Animals that live within the park include tiger, nilgais, wild bears, panthers and wolf. This national park additionally homes species of jamun, teak, ain, kawat, haldu and bhor. Scarlet minivet, fly catcher and kingfisher can also be spotted within the park.Visitors to the park can enjoy jungle safari for looking special animal species. Apart from this, the park also has a library, an interpretation centre and a small museum. Tourists can visit Nawegaon National Park throughout the yr.

6.ltiadoh Dam


Itiadoh Dam is located close to Morgaon Arjuni tehsil and has the period and top of 505 m and 29.Eighty five m respectively. This dam serves districts like Gondia, Ghadchiroli and Bhandra in coping with paddy irrigation. It is also popular for its katla fish and prawn tradition. Moreover, travelers can visit the Tibetan carpet weaving phase situated close by, which became started out through the Norgying Tibetan extended family.

7.Darekasa Caves


Darekasa caves are located close by the village Darekasa within the Chandsuraj hills. This village has served because the headquarters for Darekasa Zamindari. Some of the caves are evidently formed and a few are artificially made and are known as Kachgad or iron castle. These caves are fashioned out of unmarried rock and can accommodate round two hundred persons at the equal time. Nearby Darekasa Caves, a waterfall named as Ramidoh can be visited by using tourists.

8.Nawegaon Lake

navengon lek

Nawegaon Lake in Nawegaon National Park stretches over an area of eleven sq. Km. According to legend, this lake become built inside the eighteenth century through Kolu Patel Koli. At present, he is called by way of the call of Kolasur Deo and his statue can be found on one height encircling the lake. Local people trust that these idols assisted Kolu in making the Nawegaon Lake.



Nagra village is positioned five km from Gondia town centre and is famous among travelers and devotees. The village is understood for a Shiva temple belonging to fifteenth century, that is designed in Hemadpanthi method. Moreover, there are some of different temples within the village.

10 Kachargadh Caves


Kachargadh Caves are positioned in Salekasa tehsil and are around 25,000 years vintage. The measurement of a naturally shaped cave is 180x110x55 feet. Few stone guns had been discovered by using the archaeologists and are believed to be used by the population of historic time. Located amidst the dense forests, vacationers can also bask in trekking whilst for the natives, it is a revered region.


-This article is made by “Palash Chamatkar”

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