Keep Hair Healthy

Tips To Keep Hair Healthy | tips and tricks

Introduction to Tips To Keep Hair Healthy,

Hairs are the beauty to the body and soul. Hairs are the main part of the body and due to increased rate in pollution hairs are getting damaged. But in rough conditions it is necessary keep hair healthy and clean so, top  10 ultra bring you the Tips To Keep Hair Healthy.

1. Wash your hair two to three times a week, max

Keep Hair Healthy


Hairs should be washed at max 2 to 3 times a week, not more than. Our hairs have natural oil which have capability to protect our hair from causing damage. By, washing hairs everyday we wash our oil too which decreases our hair immune and causing more damage. So, tip no. 1 is not to wash your hair daily and at-max 2 to 3 times a week to Keep Hair Healthy.

2. Avoid Hot Water On Scalp

Keep Hair Healthy

You should not put hot water on your scalp, its no recommended at all. Putting hot water while doing shampoo it dry out you hairs and also cause breakage of you hair.

3. Invest in good shampoo

Keep Hair Healthy

It is necessary to invest in the good shampoo. Your can read our article worst to best shampoo ranking where we have find out the best shampoo for hairs. Not every shampoo you see is good for your health. So better you check out our article for this tip its highly recommended.

4. Where to Shampoo

Keep Hair Healthy

Where to shampoo is more important than having a good shampoo. Remember you have to shampoo at the Scalp then at the end of your hairs. You should also give message to your scalp while applying shampoo.

5. Brush your hair twice daily

Keep Hair Healthy

You should brush your hair twice daily its important. For shiny healthy and untangled hair you need to brush your hair twice as daily. Once in the morning and once before going to bed.

6. Comb wet hair don’t brush it

Keep Hair Healthy

When your hairs are wet they are more likely. You should gently dry out the water of out your hairs using towel. After drying out comb it with wide tip comb gently. Never go harsh with your hairs after washing them.

7. Oil thrice a week

Keep Hair Healthy

You should oil your hair thrice a week keeping a break on one day and on the break you can wash your hairs. Its better recommended to oil before going to bed. As, hairs are not exposed to harmful dust outside and having good effect on oiling.

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