Psu RGB cable

Light up Psu cables with RGB now || Psu RGB cable

Lian Li Strimer RGB PSU Cable,Light up Psu cables with RGB now.

Psu RGB cable

Yes you guys heard right Light up Psu cables with RGB now,. With regards to the RGB parade, everything began with illuminated consoles and step by step crawled into relatively each and every segment of your PC. RGB mice? Check. RGB mousepads? Check. RGB motherboards? Check. RGB RAM? Check. RGB SSD? Check. What’s more, now, on account of Lian Li, you’re control supply links get a similar lift with its new Strimer RGB PSU links,Psu RGB cable.

The Strimer links are an arrangement of PSU augmentation links that can interface with your motherboard to your PSU utilizing the motherboard’s 24-stick control connector or it could straightforwardly associate with your video card. Synchronizing them to whatever remains of your assemble’s light show shouldn’t be an issue. You’ll should simply to connect them to the board’s RGB header and after that utilizing programming like Asus Aura Sync or MSI Mystic Light Sync to control the impacts. On the off chance that your board does not accompany a choice like that, the Strimer comes preloaded with 10 lighting presets.

Psu RGB cable


Sleeve cabling has dependably been a fascinating activity with your PSU links. Not exclusively does it give it a neater look and feel, it really composes your links better. What’s more, today, making your PSU links RGB appears like the following coherent advance. Particularly when the Strimer is perfect with relatively every PSU out there. The links have allegedly been produced with contributions from German superstar overclocker der8auer.

Here what Lian Li needs to say in regards to the Strimer, “PSU links are either dull or look chaotic and turns into a test to developers and gamers, turning into an undertaking to oversee and keep the links clean. Sleeved links have turned into a pattern and permitted a cleaner, more classy answer for overseeing and exhibiting links, combined with link brushes, they made a decent alternative as of not long ago. Lian Li is altering the link administration amusement with the Strimer link LED.”

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