Reasons Why No Girl Should Be Afraid To Say NO

1. Own your life

You are the sole author and proprietor of your life. And if some thing someone is asking you to do does not sit well along with your judgment of right and wrong, values, or lifestyles plan, sense free to get up and say a firm No. If they want us to experience absolutely responsible for our lives, Reasons Why No Girl Should Be Afraid To Say NO they’re going to should get used to our No henceforth.

2. No such thing as unlimited favors

Yes, you don’t owe everybody anything for the relaxation of your lives. Maybe you have been young or unaware while you committed to a sure courting or life revel in. But now that you recognize higher, you have the proper to say No to its patience to your life. And then there are folks who preserve our gratitude to their function as nicely-wishers as ransom and assume us to continue to please them. We’ve were given information for you and them! You can be thankful with out feeling the need to sense forced to compromise on your existence’s values and plans.

3. Change is the only constant

We all know this and quote it very frequently to people around us. So why then could you not be given that it is herbal to move on from what you appreciated or preferred even a year in the past? As we grow – now not handiest age wise – we evolve and make bigger our thoughts’s horizons. You owe your self to mention No to circumstances and picks you no longer decide on and those which have the capacity to stem your increase.

4. Happiness is your birthright

And you’re the handiest one who is familiar with what brings you happiness. So why give up your power and duty to a person else after which marvel why you’re unhappy? If it’s a new process or a new courting which you seek, cross for it! But keep in mind that those external elements can increase or lower your happiness, they can not create it.

5. You’re a priority

Yes, you’re! Just the reality which you have been born and which you exist approach you get to be critical, considerable, valued and cherished. Do not allow all and sundry deal with you as an alternative, or a backup plan, or as a 2nd class citizen.

6. Your USP: You!

Remember whilst we told you that most effective you understand what brings you happiness? That’s due to the fact your desires, your values, your ideas, your plans on your existence are one hundred% precise to you. Even your mother whom you adore the most in this lifestyles, or your bestie who does not want to journey to 30 international locations earlier than she turns 30, or your husband who does no longer sense tied down by a company activity will recognize you. And that’s ok!

7. Teach yourself to feel good

And if something doesn’t experience accurate, don’t do it! Don’t move clubbing if all you need is a lie-in. Don’t date a guy in case you don’t sense equipped to satisfy someone just yet. The gossip at paintings just to be included most of the cool youngsters. Be you, and hold your integrity.

8. Selfish = self-love

Putting yourself first does now not necessarily imply hurting a person. In a way, you are teaching each yourselves that all is a priority and each one’s values and dreams count. Your pleasant friend won’t get why you don’t need some other chatting consultation, however if what you want to do is calm your mental chatter and read a book, do this!

9. Excuses aren’t good enough

Because they make you experience worse for letting someone down for the incorrect motives. Be sincere and inform them prematurely why you don’t want to do some thing. Don’t endanger your relationship with dishonesty.

10. Don’t follow the herd

Reasons Why No Girl Should Be Afraid To Say NO

This might also were necessary in high college, but you spot how antique habits die hard? If it doesn’t sense right to do or say something, don’t experience forced by using your peer institution. Maybe you will lose them, however you will discover your tribe.

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