Summer facts

1.Hottest summer season in Canada

Hottest summer season in Canada

Manitoba had the second one most up to date summer in Canada on document at forty four.Four °C. This came about on July eleven, 1936 at St. Albans and Emerson, Manitoba (Wikipedia). Incidentally, the highest temperature recorded in Canada in step with Environment Canada become in 1937 in Midale and Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan (forty five °C). Summer facts.

2.A year with out summer time

A year with out summer time

Did you realize Canada did now not experience summer season in 1816? Imagine having snow and really bloodless and damp evenings in the middle of June and July. This was what many within the Northern Hemisphere, not only in Canada, experienced that year. And due to the strange weather, many had been involved approximately meals scarcity as crops needed the nice and cozy weather to grow. Later studies observed out that this anomaly changed into due to the eruption of Mount Tambora inside the Dutch East Indies. Volcanic ash and gasoline blanketed the ecosystem partly blotting out the sun affecting many towns around the sector.

3.Dog days of summer season

Dog days of summer season

The canine days of summer refer to weeks among July 3 and August eleven. They are the hottest days of summer season. It’s referred to as dog days now not due to the fact the temperature could make you pant like a canine. The days had been named after the Dog Star (Sirius) which rises round this time. Ancient humans blamed the star and related it with war, illnesses and catastrophe.

4.Summer is mosquito season

Summer is mosquito season

It’s the insect’s height because warm temperatures lead them to skip through their existence cycle faster. More mosquitoes are laying eggs and more eggs are hatching around this time. Did you understand that there are extra than 3500 species of mosquitoes worldwide? Only a handful of places, like Antarctica and Iceland, have little to no traces of mosquitoes.

5.Watermelon: Fruit or vegetable?

Watermelon: Fruit or vegetable?

Watermelons can be taken into consideration each a fruit and a vegetable. Those within the “it’s a vegetable” camp say so due to the fact watermelons belong to the cucumber own family (also the pumpkin and squash family). However, botanists don’t forget it a fruit because it grows from a seed. But whether fruit or vegetable, watermelons are excellent for you. It is a summer staple because of its clean characteristics. This is because it’s far made up of 92% water. It is likewise complete of the antioxidant lycopene, as well as vitamins A and C and potassium. Plus, it is low in energy, has no fat, sodium or cholesterol. So devour up!

6.The Eiffel Tower grows in summer

The Eiffel Tower grows in summer

The Eiffel Tower grows extra than 6 inches in summer time. It is said that this takes place due to the fact the iron expands with the heat. Conversely, it shrinks through approximately 6 inches in winter. The Eiffel Tower positioned in Champs de Mars in Paris, France is one of the most visited attractions in world. It welcomes approximately 7 million traffic every year.

7.July is Ice Cream Month

July is Ice Cream Month

July is country wide ice cream month inside the US. This become declared with the aid of former president Ronald Reagan in 1984. However, a few places in Canada be a part of in and have a good time National Ice Cream Day that’s the 0.33 Sunday of July. Do you want to see ice cream concoctions stimulated by using every Canadian province? Click here: Ice cream through Canadian province.

8.The popsicle turned into invented by using twist of fate

The popsicle turned into invented by using twist of fate

In 1905, an 11 yr vintage boy in San Francisco named Frank Epperson by accident left a cup of soda and a stirring stick outside his porch. The subsequent morning, it became frozen. Seeing that it turned into a new way to experience the cold beverage, he began promoting the frozen pop at an entertainment park in New Jersey. In 1923, he released “Epsicles” till his children persuaded him to alternate them to “Pop’s sicles”. Today, this summer season favored is made in numerous flavours, colorings and shapes. Around two billion popsicles are bought each 12 months.

9.Winnipeg is the “Slurpee Capital of the World”

Winnipeg is the “Slurpee Capital of the World”

Winnipeggers genuinely favour a specific type of frozen treat. Slurpees are a colorful, multi-flavoured, cold drink that has been a staple at 7/eleven convenience stores. Its income were brisk anywhere, however greater so in Winnipeg wherein human beings love Slurpees not handiest at some point of summer time but in every other season as well. Records display that Winnipeggers gulp 400,000 cups of those semi-frozen drinks in keeping with month earning for the town the distinction of Slurpee Capital for 19 consecutive years now. There’s even a street in Winnipeg that became given the honourary call of ‘Slurpee Way’ to have fun this difference in 2018.

10.Manitoba is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada

Manitoba is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada

Our province enjoys greater than 2,300 hours of brilliant sunshine per 12 months. In reality, Manitoba has the sunniest winter season in Canada with 358 hours of sunshine. Southern Manitoba enjoys up to 16 hours of daylight for the duration of height summer season weeks.

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