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Some Reason To Look Up

Are your days going in anger and off whole time and did you ever figure out what was the reason behind it. There might be many reasons behind. Just like problem with digestion, some physical pain, stress, or might be something else. Except all these problem there is one main reason arising all these problems. That’s, sleep yeah you read me right sleep. Bad sleep can cause anger, pain, increase stress, in some cases also weakens immune too, some more problems like digestion. All these are some of the main cause of your day being off and you been that unwanted person in office or at school. Here are some important Tips to improve sleep.

Tips to improve sleep

Maintain scheduleTips to improve sleep

Maintaining schedule is a very important thing. Time to time sleep, time to time food, when to bed when to wake up, no late parties etc etc. The best one is sleep at 11 and wake up at 6 am. 7 hours sleep is very much enough for your body. If you wake up late then you will spend your day lazy and being less productive and all sleep in your eyes. Its always preferable to sleep after 2 hrs of  dinner and walk for sometime (not too fast) and try to maintain it.

Track Your DietTips to improve sleep

Don’t go to bed empty or stuffed stomach. Have  meal before 2hr prior to your meal. Nicotine, caffeine and liquor merits alert, as well. The impacts of nicotine and caffeine take hours to wear off and can wreak ruin on quality of sleep. What’s more, despite the fact that liquor may make you feel sleepy, it can disturb rest later in the night.

Create a comfortable environmentTips to improve sleep

Your place to sleep must be quiet,peaceful and restful and comfy. This is one for the important tip to focus. good place with fresh air and comfortable bed is necessary for great sleep. Avoid using phones or any screen in your bed this will keep you awake and sometimes headache in the morning.

Bathing before sleep might provide better sleep at night.

Limit daytime naps

You should limit the amount of time you sleep in daytime. It must be not more than 30 min and should be taken in afternoon. This, will energize your body making you feel refresh and also good for late night sleep.

Include physical activityTips to improve sleep

You must include physical activity in your daily routine. Exercise yoga and gym might help you a lot. Physical activity demands rest and burns excess calories in body get you in a state of low energy. Which leads to demand in sleep and rest.

Try to solve problems

Before going to bed resolve all your worries and problem with your spouse, friends, parents, or anyone you want to. Doing this you might get solution and give you a peace of mind. This is also called give your all and take peace in return. You need to compliance your worries to forget them.

See a doctor

If you sleeplessness is a regular trouble to you there is really a need to see the doctor. Some problems can only be solved by doctors. So, its a better thing to see a doc.

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