The avifauna of India includes a huge form of particular and uncommon species of birds which include Great Indian Hornbill, Great Indian Bustard, Green Avadavat and Sunbird’s. Total of round 1301 species of fowl located in India out 42 are endemic to Indian subcontinent and rest of others are Introduced and unintended species. Some of the most lovely academic birds of India consists of Malabar parakeet,Himalayan Quail,Nilgiri flycatcher,Indian peacock and Bugun Liocichla. There are 12 species of birds who’re endemic to the most effective Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Nicobar pigeon, Nicobar Bulbul, Andaman Scops-owl, Nicobar Parakeet and Andaman Drongo.

1. Peacock (peafowl)

Indian bird- peacock

The call “peacock” refers most effective to the male peafowl. The peacock is most of the lovely bird. The peacock is a nation chicken of India, the teach usually has from 150 to two hundred greenish feathers, each from 4 to 5 toes long. Near the give up of every feather is a vibrant, ambitious spot (with blue, inexperienced and other colors) that looks as if an eye fixed. these are omnivores and devour usually plant parts, flower petals, seed heads, bugs and other arthropods, reptiles, and amphibians. these peacocks also eats a few small snakes.

2. Peahen

Indian bird- peahen

Peahens, female peafowl, are usually brown with a white belly, a green neck and the identical sort of head crest.  Peahens has drabber hues and a shorter tail than the male.It has a regular length of 35 to forty three inches (ninety to 110). The infants are known as as peachicks.  peahen are maximum normally determined in deserts and dry savanna areas. The peahen is an omnivorous fowl and feeds on insects, vegetation, seeds, and flower heads.

3. House sparrow

Indian bird-House Sparrow
House Sparrow

The residence sparrow (Passer domestics) is a chicken of the sparrow circle of relatives Passeridae, located in most elements of the sector A small bird, it has a typical length of sixteen cm (6.3 in) and a mass of 24–39.Five g. Male residence sparrows in breeding (left) and nonbreeding (proper) plumage.The plumage of the residence sparrow is more often than not one of a kind sunglasses of gray and brown. The chicken’s medical call and its traditional English name have the equal meaning. The Latin word passer, like the English phrase “sparrow”, is a time period for small active birds. , the residence sparrow by and large feeds on the seeds of grains and weeds, however it’s miles opportunistic and adaptable, and eats whatever ingredients are available.


Indian bird-Parrot

Parrots, additionally known as psittacines, Parrots are birds of all hues that normally originate from a heat habitat — assume rainforests, grasslands, savannas, semi-arid regions, or even islandsare birds of the more or less 393 species,inclusive of Budgerigar,desert: fauna,parakeet,macaw,cockatoo,lovebirds,kea,conure,rosella,and so on. The diet of parrots consists of seeds, fruit, nectar, pollen, buds, and now and again arthropods and different animal prey. Many parrots can imitate human speech or different sounds.

5. House crow

Indian bird - House crow
House crow

A crow is a chook of the genus Corves, These  greynecked, Ceylonor Colombo crow the weight-reduction plan of crows small reptiles and mammals, and different animals such as insects and small invertebrates, Crows are acknowledged for their intelligence and flexibility, and for their loud, harsh “caw.”  Plumage is sleek black, besides for the nape, aspects of the head, top again and breast, that are gray. Bill, legs, and ft also black. Size: 42cm   Weight: 250-350 gm.

6. Owl

Indian bird -wl

Indian Owl, a chicken with a flat face, the owl turns its head till the sound reaches both ears on the same time. They are so big that they can’t flow in their sockets. It additionally permits them to pay attention for prey actions which, massive round eyes, a hook-fashioned beak, and strong, curved nails, that hunts small mammals at nightly still flying. Other owl prey includes scorpions, lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, birds, bats or even fish. Its measurement is Depending on subspecies, maximum weight can attain 2,503 g (5.518 lb.).

7. Dove and pigeon

Indian bird - Dove and pigeon
Dove and pigeon

Pigeons and doves constitute the order Columbiformes, Pigeons and doves show off vast version in period, ranging in period from 15 to 75 centimeters , and in weight from 30 g (zero.066 lb.) to above 2,000 g (four.Four lb.). Pigeons are relying on human beings to provide them with meals, roosting and nesting websites. Smaller paperwork are Generally called as doves and Big office work pigeons. Seeds and fruit form the foremost issue of the diets of pigeons and doves. The dove and pigeons consists of about 40  genera and 310 species.

8. Eagle

Indian bird - Eagle

The eagle is a (typically) large sized fowl of preymeaning, these are most dominant predators inside the sky. Belonging to the family Accipitridae.  Indian’s agree with that beating of hungry Indian eagle.that  the height of nineteen to 22 inches and  39 to 70 oz of weight. Eagle-owl has a wingspan of fifty to 60 inches. Some species of eagle likes potted eagle, tawny eagle black eagle etc.

9. Cuckoo (koel)

Indian bird - Cuckoo (koel)
Cuckoo (koel)

Indian Cuckoo is a medium-sized slim black birds ,who measures round 30 centimeter’s  in length. It is greyish or brown with wide black barring ,the Diet of cuckoos caterpillars, katydids, cicadas, grasshoppers , they have a noisy call which specifically  includes four notes defined as a ‘boo-ko-ta-ko’. these three subspecies of (cuckoo) are discovered in India,such as variously called Pied, Pied Crested, or Jacobin Cuckoo.

10. Bulbul


Bulbul,  one hundred forty species of birds of the  Pycnonotidae (order Passeriformes). The frame is dark brown with a scaly sample , They range in length from thirteen cm for the tiny greenbelt to 29 cm within the straw-headed bulbul.  Ranging from fruit to seeds, nectar, small insects and exclusive arthropods or maybe small vertebrates. The majority of species are frugivorous and supplement their diet with a few bugs, they breed from June to September.

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