top 10 luxury jewellery brands in India

There are positive things that are loved through girls everywhere in the world. Their love for this stuff by no means fades away with passing instances. These things remain on the top of style and desire listing across all households. Irrespective in their fee and availability, the affection for them stays consistent. One such thing is the valuable yellow metallic referre to as Gold. Gold has been in life considering instances unknown. top 10 luxury jewellery brands in India.

While throughout the olden days both males and females wore gold in kinds of earrings, gold has emerge as the metallic of girls these days. The increasing fees of gold have by no means made it an left out commodity. The more increase inside the rate, the greater the demand among ladies, defying the economic good judgment. The primary purpose for this will be the influence of culture and subculture practices spread throughout the corner and nook of India.

1.Tanishq Jewellers

Tanishq Jewelery that is the gold commercial enterprise that belongs to the famous TATA Group. The main benefit this logo has is that it belongs to the sector famous TATA Group, allowing it to be on pinnacle of this list. Tanishq is one of these few jewelers in India, which ISO licensed. Tanishq makes a speciality of earrings kind this is each lifestyle and modern in nature. Their gold rings  precise designs that aren’t to be discovere within the series of the competition. Their gold jewel making manufacturing unit is placed in Tamilnadu and experience goldsmiths make their unique jewels for a long time now

2.P C Jewellers


P C Jewelers is a gold logo that became hooked up as lately as a decade in the past unfold its wings fast in India. Today, it’s miles a gold emblem that has more than 50 stores in India. The gold and diamond rings they sell via their 50 plus showrooms are certified as ones manufactured from the purest pleasant of gold. PC Jewelers are based totally out of Delhi and is including value to the capital metropolis of India.

3.Malabar Jewellers

Malabar Jewels based totally out of Kerala is a 12000 crore worth organization that has been providing bridal earrings and different types of special rings to Indian ladies for plenty many years now. Having commenced as a single showroom gold emblem, these days it has extra than 50 outlets throughout India. Their presence is felt greater inside the South India states and Arab nations.

4.Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewelers which turned into hooked up as early as 1925 has grown into a jewellery chain all over the state. Today, it has more than 30 outlets in lots of locations in India with a sturdy patron base who have been giving the emblem repeat enterprise yr on year. Apart from the 30 plus stores in India, Bhima Jewelers has set up itself in Dubai and Sharjah. They have been imparting gold jewels which are certified for their high stages of purity.

5.PC Chandra

PC Chandra has been in the subject of gold rings making for extra than seven many years now. The a couple of kinds of gold jewels this brand gives by no means fail to amaze girls who recognise the emblem. PC Chandra is related to many main astrologers. It presents gem stones and diamond jewelry recommended by such gemologists and astrologists in the shape of gold jewels.


TBZ represents Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri the founding father of the jewellery emblem.  The exceptionally conservative in relation to branding and advertising. The strong purchaser base the brand has comes with them for lots decades now. The superior high-quality gold used for making jewels has instilled excessive degrees of religion in clients who in no way pass in for some other logo of gold rings.

7.Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewelers, which become as soon as upon a time a sole showroom dealer has masses of branches throughout India. The huge names that vouch for the logo’s fine additionally act as logo ambassadors. The highest purity levels of gold earrings bought in Kalyan make it a favored desire for clients. Kalyan Jewels additionally display and sells truly beautiful gold jewelry in all its retailers. The many choices to be throughout its showrooms has earned it a consolidat patron base.

8.Josco Group

Josco Group, a jeweler primarily based out of Kerala isn’t always best the best jeweler in Kerala however additionally the very best tax payer many of the many jewelers in India. The gold offered by means of the Josco Group is of highest purity stages and are licensed as BIS and Hallmark qualified. Josco Group is mounted in many locations all around India over and above the global locations. Senco specializes in bridal jewelry that’s made of extremely good designs and maximum exceptional gold.


Senco is a 900 crore group this is considere as one of the maximum desired brand. The competition in India. The many models of Bridal jewelry available in exceptional designs make it a favorite emblem the various senior women in every family.


Amrapali, which has its roots in Jaipur because the yr 1978 is a famend gold earrings logo in India. Since its inception inside the late seventies, the emblem has grown bigger now not most effective in length but also inside the techniques it uses to create unprecedented earrings. Therefore, The great of gold supplied to the clients makes Amrapali a trustworthy emblem.  The many jewelers to be in the market..

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