Top 10 most popular rice in India and their health benefits

Needless to say, rice is the staple dish of numerous Indian states. It may be determined in extra than 40000 sorts all around the world. The maximum popular rice in India is split in whole grain and white green categories. White grain is a processed variety whereas the whole grain is unprocessed bran this is pretty nutritional. People select rice variety in line with their private preferences, flavors, culinary wishes and fitness benefits.

Different nations have a love for unique rice grains. For example, Chinese cuisines are quite particular approximately long grain rice whereas American cuisines typically amalgamate quick period rice grains. On the other hand speaking approximately maximum popular rice in India and its blessings, it’s a combination of all sorts of rice brans.

What are the fitness blessings of rice?

Some of the rice types are exact for curing obesity even as others are an extremely good source of strength. It relies upon upon the type of rice you have got picked for your meal. Let us understand about some of the maximum not unusual blessings of Indian rice consumption –

Aids digestion

Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Slows the growing older procedure

Stimulates immunity

Fights most cancers

Good for skin and hair

Hikes metabolism

Cures cardiovascular ailments

Besides those blessings, some of the most famous rice in India rice varieties can tickle your flavor buds with their outstanding flavors and appears. They are a part of traditional Indian culinary and are part of the maximum family kitchen. Top 10 most popular rice in India and their health benefits.

What is the first-rate way to cook rice?

Rice is often careworn to motive weight problems because of its high carbohydrate content. But rather, the Indian rice always acts as a source of top ldl cholesterol and is worthwhile in each way. They shape an important a part of a balanced diet and acts as a fitness bonus. The handiest element you need to preserve in mind even as cooking rice isn’t always to feature immoderate oil as it is able to trigger the overall calorific content. Consuming boiled rice delivered with little olive oil and Spices is always an awesome alternative. Alternatively, you may cook dinner rice as a dessert via including Saffron, cardamom, milk, and sugar whilst boiling it.

1 .White Rice

White rice is an simplest to digest and is maximum normally cooked rice all over India. This unique rice facilitates in relieving digestive issues and treats morning sickness. White rice is often called polished rice and is known to be the Paramount in phrases of best and flavor. Mainly cultivated in Tamil Nadu, polished rice bureaucracy a first-rate part of South Indian dishes like dosa and rasam. Top 10 most popular rice in India and their health benefits.

2.Brown Rice

The whole grain brown rice is one of the most healthful rice bureaucracy which can by no means be ate up. However, the cause research have demonstrated the presence of arsenic in brown rice. Hence maximum of the doctors propose its lesser usage. Otherwise, the rice is a great shape of Manganese, Phosphorus, Vitamin B6, fiber, and Selenium. The muscle tissue of brow rice I  to be chew barely extra. Brow rice all errors 5 greater minutes to get cook in contrast with regular white rice. It works nice while cooked rice Idli or a dosa batter. Currently, maximum of the Indian kitchens are replacing the conventional white rice with the brown one.



3.Red Rice

People who are torment by insulin and blood sugar tiers should refer the intake of purple rice over all different types. Anthocyanin antioxidant is answerable for the crimson shade of this rice. The iron-rich rice variety can come across the risk of cancer. Red rice is likewise one of the maximum famous rice in India.

4.Parboiled Rice


Besides purple rice, diabetes sufferers also can refer boiled rice for satisfying the habitual requirement of potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

5 . Palakkadan Matta Rice


Palakkadan Matta rice is one of the maximum famous rice kinds of Kerala. It is specially grown within the border of Tamilnadu. The rice is purple in shade and is magnesium and calcium wealthy. It is likewise determin in a few states of Sri Lanka

6.Black Rice

Black rice is uniquely determin in Tamil Nadu and has a strong linkage with Burmese groups. The vitamin-enriched rice is complete of antioxidants. The maximum not unusual usage of black rice is in making of rice pudding. Generally, it’s far soak in a single day and stress covere with cardamom, sugar, ghee and different spices. Often South Indians use black rice as a part of their desserts.

7.Sticky Rice


The glutinous, waxy and sweet rice is regularly referre as sticky rice. The excessive Selenium content is quite useful for the proper functioning of human body. It maintains the connective tissues robust and stimulates healthy brain functioning along side retaining the immunity robust. Sticky rice is likewise grow in South Asian elements of India. It is specifically use for cooking desserts and Sweet dishes. Sticky rice is popular in North east India.

8.Basmati Rice

The Slender, lengthy and aromatic basmati rice has a near resemblance with Jasmine rice. It is an ideal factor for growing wealthy Indian dishes like biryani and kheer. Basmati rice is particularly found inside the Western elements of Indian subcontinent. The excessive calorific value of basmati rice makes it a good supply of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Earlier, the rice variety  restricted to the in take in India. Later on, it became part of Indian export and circulated all through the world. Factually, Basmati rice is the most popular rice in India.

9.Wild Rice

Wild rice is one of the maximum highly-price rice variety determin in India. The taste is peculiarly exquisite and takes barely longer time to cook. Wild rice is not available in fashionable market or offline shops. It is offere on line. Wild rice is historically grow in China and North America.

10.Jasmine Rice

The Thai fragrant rice looks without a doubt lengthy and includes an average Jasmine floral Aroma. Jasmine rice blesses its consumers with unheard of health blessings at the side of a scrumptious taste. Jasmine is often use as an opportunity for basmati rice. It is particularly grow in Thailand and South part of Asia.

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