Top 10 Operating Systems for Hacking.

Top 10 Operating Systems for Hacking

    1. Kali Linux:

    2. Parrot Security OS:

    3. BackBox:

    4. Samurai Web Testing Framework:

    5. Pentoo Linux:

    6. DEFT Linux:

    7. BlackArch Linux:

    8. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

    9. Cyborg Hawk Linux

    10. Fedora Security Lab


# Kali Linux

Kali Linux is by a ways the most popular running machine preferred by using hackers,. That is essentially attributed to the versatility of the platform and the abilities it comes with.

The Debian-derived Linux distro was advanced with the aid of Devon Kearns and Mati Aharoni of Offensive Security. Who rewrote the software’s predecessor, BackTrack. It is maintain and fund by way of Offensive Security Ltd.

Basically the upgraded version of BackTrack. Kali Linux abilities a collection of enhancements along with a made over forensic mode. Which makes it much less difficult for Kali clients to apply their bootable Kali CD.

It is likewise well matched with some determined on Android devices including through NetHunter. An Open Source Android penetration testing platform. That works broadly speakme with Nexus devices and a few Samsung gadgets.



# Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS (or ParrotSec) is a GNU/LINUX distribution based totally mostly on Debian. This Linux distribution for hackers is built. Vulnerability assessment and mitigation, computer forensics and nameless browsing. It has been advanced via way of Frozenbox’s Team.

Parrot is cloud-nice Linux distribution and in contrast to distinctive moral hacking running structures. Parrot OS is a mild-weight Linux distro runs over machines that have minimal 265Mb of RAM. It’s miles appropriate for every 32bit and 64bit. With a completely unique version it simply works on antique 32bit machines.


# BackBox

BackBox Linux is an Ubuntu-primarily base totally running system. Its attention on safety assessment and penetration sorting out. BackBox Linux comes with a huge type of safety evaluation device. That help you in net utility evaluation, community assessment and plenty of others. This speedy and smooth to apply hackers’ favored Linux distro comes with a whole laptop surroundings. The software repos of the hacking tools on this hacking working device are frequently update with the maximum strong versions.


# Pentoo

This is one of the high-quality OS for hackers this is simply inside the form of Live CD. In this, you honestly ought to create a bootable USB of this OS after which sincerely boot for your PC. There is no requirement to put in it, you just must run it for your PC and do hacking assaults.

Features Of Pentoo:-

  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, the latter having a significant speed boom from 32bit
  • Includes the prefer environment to crack passwords the use of GPGPU with OpenCL and CUDA configure ‘out of the container’.
  • Built on harden Linux, along with a harden kernel and toolchain Harden kernel with extra patches
  • Uses a pentoo overlay, which lets in equipment to be built on pinnacle of a standard gentoo construct.


# Network Security Toolkit

Network safety toolkit additionally known as NST is every other Linux base completely protection tool that hackers can choose. This Linux-base totally Live CD affords a hard and fast of open deliver pc protection networking equipment. That help builders in performing habitual protection offerings. In addition, the networking base diagnostic and tracking also get clean as quick. As a developer or a hacker opts for this working machine. The distribution of the device may be use as a networking analysis. That also lets in in monitoring at the server hosting digital machines. In case, you’re looking for package control safety, opting for the equipment would help pretty.


# DEFT Linux

DEFT (Digital Evidence and Forensics Toolkit) is base on GNU Linux and DART (Digital Advance Response Toolkit). A forensics gadget comprising some of the high-quality equipment for forensics and incident reaction. DEFT Linux is especially design for carrying out forensics responsibilities. Runs stay on structures without tampering with the tough disk or a few other storage media. Consists of more than 100 pretty-rate forensics and hacking equipment.

It is currently advance and maintain by way of Stefano Fratepietro at the aspect of various builders. Therefore, it is available freed from rate. It is use actively through using moral hackers, pen testers, authorities officials, IT auditors. Even the military for sporting out numerous forensics base totally totally structures analysis.

Key features:

  • It is base mostly on the Lubuntu distribution comprising open source digital forensics and penetration checking out gear.
  • Full guide for Bitlocker encrypt disks, Android and iOS 7.1 logical acquisitions.
  • Consists of Digital Forensics Framework 1.Three

# BlackArch Linux

It is an Arch-derived Linux distribution that has its modern launch ultimate August 30, 2017. It is design for penetration checking out and security studies. May be use as a standalone stay CD or stay USB that runs on a digital machine or mount to a pc’s difficult disk. Moreover, Arch Linux can be add to its Arch Linux unofficial repo.  It gives over 1910 gear prepare via category, for protection and forensic with systems IA-32, x86-sixty four, and ARM (Arch Linux ARM).


# Samurai Web Testing Framework

The Samurai Web Testing Framework is a stay Linux surroundings. That has been pre-configure to characteristic as an internet pen-checking out surroundings. The CD carries the fine of the open supply and free gear that concentrate on checking out. However, In growing this surroundings, we’ve base our device choice. On the tools we use in our protection practice. We have include the gear use in all 4 steps of a web pen-take a look at.


# Cyborg Hawk Linux

Cyborg Hawk Linux is a Ubuntu base totally Linux Hacking Distro additionally know as a Pentesting Linux Distro it’s far evolve. Cyborg Hawk Distro may be use for network protection and assessment and also for digital forensics. It also has numerous equipment appropriate to the testing of Mobile Security and Wireless infrastructure.

It’s virtually not as performant, advance or polish as something like Kali  however it’s a great start. However, I hope the builders hold running on it. However, Cord in a few better level protection engineers to paintings.


# Fedora Security Lab

The Fedora Security Lab provides a safe test environment to paintings on safety auditing. Coaching protection trying out methodologies in universities and different agencies.

The spin is maintain through a network of security testers and developers. It comes with the smooth and speedy Xfce Desktop Environment and a custom designed menu. That provides all of the gadgets had to comply with a right check route. The Live picture has been craft to make it feasible to put in software whilst walking. In case you are strolling it from a USB stick create with LiveUSB Creator the use of the overlay function. You may install and replace software program and shop your check consequences permanently.

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