Top 10 electronics companies in India

One of the maximum critical additives of the increase of the financial system in India is the electronics industry. There is a large need for products produced by electronics agencies. There is an good sized growth within the many research and improvement departments searching for to create new and better acting digital productsTop 10 electronics companies in India .

Millions of people are employed in one of the many electronics organizations running in India. Offering jobs to electronics engineering college students is vital for the individual’s success and in turn for the nation’s prosperity.

1. Havells India Ltd

This one is easily recognised because of its growth and value. The organization has made spectacular development nowadays and is currently indexed as 1000000000 dollar operation. The regions in which Havells is an professional is that of the manufacturing of energy distribution equipment. As you could respect, once strength is generated, being capable of distribute it throughout the united states of america is a key set up. Havells have a sturdy paintings records on this subject. These are generally large projects so if running projects on a grand scale appeals, that is a company really worth investigating.

2. Aar em Electronics

This corporation is also referred to as Champion UPS that is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supplies. The enterprise began in 1989 and has been manufacturing strength associated electronics structures during this time. Any agency which uses a effective phrase like uninterrupted as a part of its name is obviously a corporation with excessive and exacting standards.

3. Bajaj Electronics


This enterprise has been in commercial enterprise for greater than 70 years and is now certainly one of the largest agencies with the maximum popular brands in all of India. The length of the employer is spectacular with approximately 20 places of work in exclusive elements of the country. It focuses on half a dozen unique areas, viz. Fans, Lights, Luminaries, Appliances in addition to Engineering and Projects. Looking at a greener planet, the corporation has evolved use of strength saving lights.

4. Midas Communication Technologies


They are the main provider of wi-fi offerings in India. It has been a leading participant on this field for many years. They provide services in GSM related solutions as nicely. The employer started in 1994 and become installation and still operates in Chennai. Wireless technology has made rapid development in latest time however has additionally a protracted way to head. If this field of electronics appeals, here might be a notable location to begin.

5. The Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

Top 10 electronics companies in India

This enterprise started out a few years in the past in 1946 and offers specially with transmission and transportation. Other areas wherein it has a power encompass strength technology and renewable energy. Despite its durability, this enterprise is up to date with tendencies in electronics as seen in its method to developing new, cheaper and better kinds of renewable electricity. It is also prolific in that it produces almost 100 special merchandise.

When a business enterprise has toughness and a powerful catalogue, it merits to be taken seriously. It has this type of variety of merchandise and this type of long history, this agency may well be for your radar.

6. Jabil Circuits

This has come to be so a hit that it produces digital merchandise not handiest for people in India but additionally abroad. It has been in operation for greater than 1/2 a century and deals with the manufacturing of device utilized in fitness care, energy, the automotive enterprise and strength. The fulfillment of the organisation has seen it increase and its head office is now based in Florida inside the USA.

If you’ve got the journey worm, running for a company with overseas postings could have an considerable appeal. You should begin working regionally then make your circulate while the proper possibility comes along.

7. Bharat Electronics limited

This is unusual in that it isn’t a private organisation but rather part of the government. Being government own offers it certain kudos and it has endured to grow in view that its inception in Bangalore in 1954. Today it specialises in scientific and defence electronics. This is not uncommon because it commence  lifestyles as part of the Ministry of Defence. There is definitely greater safety in running in a government owned enterprise.

8. Honeywell or Hail (Honeywell Automation India Limited)

They offer software program solutions for use with electronics. HAIL is a frontrunner in its discipline with nine workplaces unfold round India. It has a massive turnover and as such may be considered a Fortune 500 organization. Students’ interest in software development will find Honeywell a really perfect potential organization.

Being so big does imply a more number of employees. Sometimes transferring within India to take a job might be a wise move.

9. 3M India

This is another rapid-growing business enterprise working in a variety of areas together with car,, fitness care and electronics. They make a diffusion of digital products that are offer round the world.  A typical example being the privateness filters which are observe in laptop and laptop computer systems.

Any electronics organisation is asking at cutting-edge device and products. The world of computing continuously modifications and this organization offers its employees an opportunity to work on the reducing fringe of computing era.

10. Amara Raja Batteries

Top 10 electronics companies in India

This is a in particular interesting electronics corporation. With the world fixated on finding a better and less expensive battery, in particular for the automotive industry trying to reduce our reliance on oil. More importantly, those batteries have the capacity to offer lighting fixtures for human beings in far flung and outlying places. These batteries are a existence saver in many situations. Graduates trying to discover employment in ground-breaking discoveries will discover this organisation and others like it, a actual assignment.


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