Vipassana Meditation Centers

Vipassana Meditation Centers

Vipassana means “to see things as they really are”. It is a process of self-purification by self-observation and one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. However The teaching is universal and not connected with any religious organisation. Therefore Here are the Top 10 Best Vipassana Meditation Centers in India.

Let we see the Vipassana Meditation Centers !

1. Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri

Dhamma Giri, meaning ‘Hill of Dhamma’, is one of the world’s largest meditation centres and the main centre of a rapidly growing global Vipassana organization. However It is dedicate to the teaching of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

The 10-day publications are constantly in high call for. Despite the center’s tremendous size, there may be a pervasive feeling of peace all around. Over four hundred cells are to be had for individual meditation, that’s attractive for folks that need to undertake in depth exercise in solitude far from other human beings. Therefore The inns range from dormitory rooms to unmarrie occupancy rooms.

2.Dhamma Bodhi, Bodh Gaya

Dhamma Bodhi is situat in Bodhgaya, Bihar in the eastern part of India. This centre is dedicate to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by Shri S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.Howerver  The recently expand compound is set on 18 acres of grounds to the west of town . surround by agricultural fields near Magadha University.

10-day courses usually begin on the first and 16th of every month. There’s area for round eighty students at a time. November to February are the busiest months, with foreigners from all over the international attending. Accommodations are supplie in single or double cottages with connect toilets. Therefore The beneficial thing about studying Vipassana meditation in Bodh Gaya is that guides in Buddhist philosophy also are furnish other nearby groups.

3.Dhamma Pattana, Mumbai

Dhamma Pattana, meaning the Harbour of Dhamma, is located on a hill overlooking the beach town of Gorai, in the outer northern suburbs of Mumbai. It is part of the renowned Global Pagoda complex that opened in 2009. However The building is modern, and all residential rooms are equipp with western facilities and air conditioning. Most courses taught here are geare towards business executives and professionals.

The exceptional function about the 10-day route taught right here is that it is particularly geare towards business executives and specialists. Therefore The method is the identical but the direction consists of extra talks associate with using Vipassana standards .  For managing stresses of the enterprise international.

4.Dhamma Thali, Jaipur

Dhamma Thali (‘the place of dhamma’), situat on the outskirts of Jaipur, is bound by idyllic hills on all sides. Besides Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri, it is the largest Centre and among the oldest, being set up in 1977. With two large and two mini Dhamma halls spread over 1.6 hectares, it has the capacity to accommodate 200 students comfortably with solitary accommodation and attach bathrooms. Dhamma Thali has a three-storied octagonal pagoda comprising 200 cells for serious solitary meditation.

5.Dhamma Setu, Chennai

Dhamma Setu, meaning ‘Bridge of Dhamma’, is situat amid paddy fields and open farmland on the outskirts of the major South Indian metropolis of Chennai (formerly Madras) .  About 10 kms from the Chennai Airport.  However  The 18 sq acres of land, previously used for rice cultivation, was purchase from 1991 onwards. Therefore The long and painstaking process of making the plot suitable for construction bore fruit in May 2000 with Goenkaji’s visit in September of the same year, when Dhamma Setu was formally establish.

6.Dhamma Sota, Haryana

Dhamma Sota’s refreshing campus of whitewashed buildings is situat just over an hour south of Delhi, in the Sohna district of Haryana. However It was establish in 2000 on about 16 acres of farmland close to the Aravali Hills. The center accommodates up to 130 students in single rooms with attach bathrooms. Be aware that there may not be any hot water though. It also has a pagoda with 108 meditation cells. Therefore In terms of weather, March is an ideal time to visit this center.

7.Dhamma Paphulla, Bangalore

Dhamma Paphulla, meaning ‘Cheerfulness of Dhamma’, is about 30 km from the major city of Bengaluru on a 10-acre land. However Located in a very tranquil area, with farmland on one side and forestland on another side, the centre is on a gently sloping piece of land in rustic surroundings, enjoys moderate climate year round and is easily accessible by city buses. Therefore The centre has a main meditation hall that can accommodate about 100 meditators and two mini halls that can seat 30 meditators each.

8.Dhamma Sindhu, Bada

Situat near the Arabian Sea within the village of Bada . Now not far from the historic port metropolis of Mandvi inside the Kutch location of Gujarat . . . Dhamma Sindhu is blesse with clean ocean breeze. The center change into installation on 35 acres of land in 1991. However It’s an attractive belongings that has hundreds of bushes and flowering vegetation . And a pond that brings peacocks and other birds.

In terms of size and facilities, it’s one in every of the bigger Vipassana meditation centers in India .  And, Therefore it’s continuously being evolve. There are 4 meditation halls with a complete ability of 450 college students, a pagoda with 184 person meditation cells, a library, and both unmarried and shared lodges.

9.Dhamma Pala, Bhopal

Dhamma Pala (literally, one who protects Dhamma) was establish at Bhopal in May 2009 . Set up on 5 acres of land. However It presently has a Dhamma Hall, a mini Dhamma Hall . Vipassana Meditation Centers . Single room residential accommodation with attach  bathroom for 40 male and 30 female meditators, Teacher residences . Dinning Hall and staff residential quarters. Therefore A Pagoda Complex with 116 cells is under construction & is likely to complete soon.

Apart from an annual schedule of 19 to 20 Ten day courses, two Satipatthana courses . Boys and Girls Teenager courses, one day, two day, three day courses and Children courses .  There are other activities like Parichay Sammelan . For non meditators and Dhamma server workshop for old meditators. As an added attraction . Students can plan a visit to Sanchi, famous for it’s Great Stupa located 46 km North-East of Bhopal.

10.Dhamma Khetta, Hyderabad

In 1975 Ratilal Mehta, a very spiritual businessman . After sitting a couple of courses with Goenkaji in Rajasthan .  However Invited him to conduct a course in his newly construct  switch factory in Hyderabad. After a couple of courses being conduct there .  He decide to construct a meditation centre in 2 acres of adjoining land. Goenkaji named it Dhamma Khetta and the first course was conduct  there in September 1976  . Therefore The first centre to conduct a course in this tradition.


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