top 10 worst to best shampoo ranking

Introduction to worst to best shampoo,

Shampoo is a hair mind item, normally as a thick fluid, that is utilized for cleaning hair. Less normally, cleanser is accessible in bar shape, similar to a bar of cleanser. Cleanser is utilized by applying it to wet hair, kneading the item into the hair, and afterward flushing it out. A few clients may take after a shampooing with the utilization of hair conditioner. Following is the list of some of the Indian worst to best shampoo list


Category 1;

The Worst Of All

  1. Garnier

  2. tresemme

  3. head and shoulders

  4. loreal

  5. pantene

  6. Dove

  7. Clinic plus

  8. sunsilk

  9. Clear

worst to best shampoo
worst to best shampoo

You guys might be wondering why this shampoos are in the worst category because all of these shampoo have the most harmful toxic chemicals that is never suitable for your hair and before buying you must also read the ingredient of these products lots of chemicals are written there that will be never good for our hair causing hair fall damage.You can also research on all this products.These products are kept in this category under the guidance of hair specialist.

Category 2;


  1. Johnson’s shampoo

  2. Wow Shampoo

    worst to best shampooworst to best shampoo

These are some of the good shampoos than the worst one with less chemicals and harmful toxic for the hairs but still its less harmful than the worst.

Category 3;


Some of the less known shampoos brands

1. Ayush shampoo

2. Biotique

3. Patanjali Kesh Kanti

worst to best shampoo     worst to best shampoo

worst to best shampoo

This are some of the best shampoo but still these are not reliable because they have written herbal products but its not really a herbal product because chemicals are still added to their ingredients list and also all ingredients are not mentioned in the list only 10 t0 20% ingredients are mentioned so this are not so reliable products to use as a hair shampoo.

Category 4;

The Best

1. Khadi Natural Herbal Shampoo

worst to best shampoo

This is one of the best of best shampoo to use for hair washing its highly recommended one of the best natural conditioner and it also maintains hair moisture and strengthens hair roots.Its made from 100% herbal extract and it also have the good results too.





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